Ekaterina Shelehova

Ekaterina Shelehova began studying music when she was 3 years old.

Growing up in Hamilton, Ontario, she participated in many competitions and concerts, such as the famous Kiwanis Competition where she secured first place in 2008, 2010, and in 2012.

During her high school years, Ekaterina studied at the Conservatory of Music in Toronto where she received three Gold Medals in Vocal and diploma for Grade 10 Vocal. She also finished her studies in Piano, and received her diploma for ARCT in Piano Pedagogy.

In 2013 she recorded her debut album MOONLIGHT as Katya, which can still be found on all streaming platforms online.

In 2014, Ekaterina auditioned for the Conservatorio G.Verdi in Milan, Italy where  she completed her Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Opera with outstanding marks.

In 2016, she was invited to take part in the international Kostomuksha Music Festival in Russia, where she performed several solo concerts. 

In 2019 she traveled to China to tour with iSing Opera Academy and performed in cities such as Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzou. She also appeared in a mainstream TV show in Beijing, singing a Chinese folk song, performed as a guest on the show Nessun Dorma, in Italy, where she shared the stage with Ted Neely (original Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar), and sang on the show I Soliti Ignoti.

In 2021, she participated in Italia's Got Talent. Her presentation went viral... twice. With 100 million views and counting, Ekaterina has seen a massive boost in followers, and has brought her to new experiences such as becoming a writer of the soundtrack for The Tempest- an Italian movie based on Shakespeare’s play.

She releases music constantly on her YouTube channel and is very active on both TikTok and Instagram, where she posts improvisations and short recordings.

Her original song Earth Melodies is her most famous track to date and has been attracting fans from all over the world. She also released a cover of Gladiator's main theme Now We Are Free, originally written by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, as well as Conjuring Storms, which could be considered sequels to Earth Melodies.

In 2022 she participated in Bulgaria's Got Talent performing her original piece Awakening and made it to the semifinals.

She has been collaborating with many artists, one of the most prominent ones being Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh. They recorded a series of improvisations in a Studio in Berlin, Germany; the first one being Spirit Visions, which was launched at the end of October 2022. More recordings from that joint session will be coming out in the next months.

In April 2023 Ekaterina released a beautiful cover version of cult Viking-Age, Norse-styled classic Savage Daughter, a song composed by Karen Kahan (a.k.a. Wyndreth Berginsdottir) and produced by Greek artist Panos Topalidis. Ekaterina's version has been highly praised and is loved by fans all over the world.

Besides singing, Ekaterina can speak fluently in 4 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, and Russian), is a former gymnast (8 years), has 5 years experience in ballet and another 2 of ballroom dancing, and is an avid fitness enthusiast. She loves studying psychology and adores animals.

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