Kelseidoscope is a Canadian singer-songwriter. A Folk-Pop Fairy whose mission is to create music with a lens to heal & empower. For her unique approach to music she credits the different and enriching life experiences she has acquired by living in different parts of the world.

Kelsey Eide (Kelseidoscope's sole member) has an innate ability to process and transform her life experiences, good or bad, into something beautiful that touches one's heart. Like a Kaleidoscope, she is always changing. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but her music will always make you feel something.

Kelsey has a Bachelor of Arts in Community Development which deeply influenced her outlook on life and the themes of her songs. They are heart-warming and fun, but also deep in meaning. Not everything in Kelsey's life has been easy. There have been events that have turned her life upside down and this is exactly what has shaped her into the person and artist she is now.

She has released several videos, which tend to be incredibly visual and full of what one would call "cute and adorable things". Having worked as a TV Presenter for a children’s educational show in China certainly influenced her, and it is very evident in her art.

If you would like to read more about her, we recently featured her in our Spotlight section.

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