Kurna Chata

Kurna Chata are a band from Poland. They play with traditional instruments such as the accordion, acoustic guitars, transverse flute, hurdy-gurdy, contrabass and many different types of percussions. The vocals of their two incredible female singers play a vital role in their songs, as they are used as if they were additional music instruments that make their songs highly addictive.

The band derive their artistic inspiration from traditional Polish music of different regions - it is found in old recordings, song books and ethnographic descriptions. They realize their fascination with 'regional tunes’ through the coverage of original folk themes and composition of their own songs inspired by folklore.

Both of their EPs, simply called Black EP and White EP are, on the one hand, an interesting interpretation of traditional Polish folk themes in an "ethno-modern" style, and on the other hand, a visit on the musical-cabaret pastiche; with witty songs inspired by texts from traditional folk music.

Their latest digital release is a concert at Radio Koszalin from 2019, which I had the fortune to attend. You can read my entry here and you can listen to the music here.

Put your headphones on, turn the volume up, press play, and let yourself be immersed in the enchanting world of Kurna Chata. You are in for a magical experience.

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