Obsc(y)re was a female-fronted pop band from Germany, formed in September 1993. In Spring 1994, they played their first concert together with Blind Passengers and named their debut album "Obsc(y)redistan", inspired by the Passengers' song "Absurdistan".

Obsc(y)re produced a blend of synthpop, rock and dance music, and got popular with the song "Too late" that was released on a Zillo compilation in November 1998 (ZilloScope 11/98).

They had a very prolific career and released several albums and singles. They disbanded in 2007 after the release of their last EP "Aus der Traum", in which they abandoned their classic Synthpop and explore a harsher sound with heavier guitars.

Fangtasia Music released their full discography on digital platforms for the first time.

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