Yeva Deli

Yeva Deli is a Lithuanian singer/songwriter, professional actress and model.

Her debut single, Raabta, was released in 2019. She successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign to shoot the official video... in Iceland! And the result is nothing less than beautiful.

Since then, she has released several cover songs, a fan-favorite being her acoustic interpretation of Dance Monkey. She has collaborated with several artists from all over the world and is always looking for opportunities to make music.

In 2021 she participated in XFactor Lithuania, where she made it to the second round. Yeva has plenty of experience playing in front of audiences. She is an official hostess for a streaming app called Bigo. She often gets invitations to the Music Live House channel within the app, where her performances are watched by over 4,000 people.

She is currently working on new songs and has been releasing music with Lithuanian EDM artists.

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