Video Distribution FAQs

What do I need to get my videos on VEVO?

You can download our specifications sheet here. It contains all information regarding creation of VEVO channels, video specifications and metadata.

VEVO channels are only available for artists. If you are a label and want your artists to be on VEVO, we must create one channel per artist. "Label VEVO" channels are not allowed by VEVO.

Please note that VEVO channels can only be requested on Mondays, so plan ahead of time.


Can I access my VEVO channel after it has been created?

No. VEVO channels do not work like regular YouTube channels.

VEVO channels are managed by VEVO personnel and we, distributors, only get access to a limited tool that allows us to upload videos and edit metadata. There are no login credentials to access the channels. This applies not only to us, but to any distributors capable of delivering videos to VEVO.


I already have a VEVO channel. Can I use it with you?

Yes. If you already have a VEVO channel, created by a record label or another distributor, all you need is someone capable of delivering videos to VEVO. The channel belongs to the artist, not to the label or company who created it.

This means that, if we create a channel for you, and in the future you sign a record deal with a label or change distributors, they will be able to send videos to the channel created by us.

We would get information and reports on the videos we administer, and the other labels/distributors would get information on the videos they administer.


Can I publish lyric videos on VEVO?


No. Lyric videos can no longer be delivered to VEVO. The reason is that special publishing licenses are required to display lyrics in videos, and at the moment, there does not appear at this point to be an established industry practice as regards this issue.


How does monetization of videos on VEVO work?

Videos on VEVO follow the same monetization rules as any other video on YouTube.

Previously, the standard for becoming eligible to monetize your channel was 10,000 public views — without any specific requirement for annual viewing hours. However; the requirements have changed and now all channels are required to:


  • Have more than 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months.
  • Have more than 1,000 subscribers.


This means that income from videos, at the beginning, will not be much. Once you reach the above-mentioned requirements, you should see an increase in income from videos on VEVO.


Here you can learn more about YouTube's general monetization rules.


To what other video platforms can you deliver videos?

We can deliver video content to VEVO, Tidal, and iTunes/Apple Music.

Each platform works in a different way. By far, iTunes/Apple Music are the strictest and the most expensive.

If you are interested in having your videos delivered to any of the above-mentioned platforms, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all necessary information.

VEVO Music Video Distribution Video FAQs

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