How To Get On VEVO?


December 1st, 2021

Can I get my music video on VEVO if I don't have a record label?

YES! Through Fangtasia Music, you can have your very own VEVO channel and get your music videos uploaded there, where it matters the most.

As you may know, VEVO is the standard and most popular music video platform. It was created by the major labels to promote their own artists and, eventually, they partnered up with YouTube to host their videos with a distinctive VEVO watermark.

A select number of official VEVO partners, such as Fangtasia Music, can offer the service to signed and unsigned artists who would like to be on the platform.


How do I get my music video on VEVO?

To get on VEVO we need to create a VEVO channel for you.

VEVO channels are for artists only (not labels) and must include the artist name followed by the word VEVO. For example: IndypopVEVO.

The channel name must not exceed 20 characters in total.

Channels can only be requested on Mondays and can take up to 10 days to be created. For this reason it is important to plan your release ahead of time.

Once we have received confirmation from VEVO that your new VEVO channel has been created, we can start uploading your video(s) on the platform. You can choose a specific release date.

Videos must comply with certain requirements, which you can consult here.


Another company created my VEVO channel. Can I use it with you?

Yes! If you already have a VEVO channel, created by a record label or another distributor, all you need is someone capable of delivering videos to VEVO. (That is us!)

The channel belongs to the artist, not to the label or company who created it.

This means that, if we create a channel for you, and in the future you sign a record deal with a label or change distributors, they will be able to send videos to the channel created by us.

We would get information and reports on the videos we administer, and the other labels/distributors would get information on the videos they administer.


Make sure to review our FAQs for more information. Still have questions? Contact us

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