3Mind Blight: Breaking Down

3Mind Blight

April 21st, 2020

By chance, we got our hands on 3Mind Blight's latest single Breaking Down and it immediately caught our attention. The song is unconvenional by nature; the music is harsh, distorted, complemented by strong, male vocals. that, as a whole, leads you to a dark place and conveys a sense of chaos and despair.

The music style is a mixture of rock, metal, rap and grunge. 3Mind Blight succeeded at combining such different genres to come up with a song that it is worth listening to. Fans of Slipknot, Mushroom Head, System of a Down and similar bands will love Breaking Down.

3Mind Blight, as an artist, produces music by a feeling or emotion. Stylistically, the genres change according to mood and often times several genres are blended into each new song. Rap/Rock/Metal/Orchestral/Film Scores/Beats/Instrumentals.

"Music is music no matter how you wanna use it, and as long as you make it, somebody out there is gonna choose it to make them feel okay throughout the day, so they don't lose it." -- 3Mind Blight

Breaking Down is now available on all digital stores and streaming platforms. Make sure to check it out!

3Mind Blight - Breaking Down | Fangtasia Music

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