Dmitry Distant & Arnaud Lazlaud: De ton absence

Dmitry Distant

September 19th, 2019

Latvia-based label, Electronic Leatherette, continue their trips into the ethereal and seductive world of minimal wave with this new single from label founders Dmitry Distant and Arnaud Lazlaud.

De Ton Absence is out now on all digital stores and streaming platforms. It is also available as a special 140-gram 12" vinyl.

De Ton Absence is an artfully sculpted synth ballad bathed in reverb and Lazlaud's dreamy vocals - the end result is something both yearning and sinister, like the best minimal wave should be.

On the flip, the balladry gets a shot of pure adrenaline as Timothy J Fairplay creates a taut, feisty electro belter out of the raw ingredients for a remix that should find favour with more uptempo dancefloors.

Dmitry Distant & Arnaud Lazlaud - De Ton Absence

1.- De Ton Absence (Single Version)

2.- De Ton Absence (Timothy J Fairplay Remix)

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