Dos Asmund: Baikonur Android

Dos Asmund

June 15th, 2020

It is not often to bump into music that captivates you from the very first note. Well, this is what happened with Dos Asmund; a relatively new act from Germany.

Dos Asmund was formed in 2015 as a one-man synth enthusiast project, releasing its first album Io. In 2019 Black Box Delays came out; an EP in collaboration with Mortal Void.

The latest album, Baikonur Android, was released on June 1st, 2020 and it includes seven tracks, six of which are instrumental and one featuring vocals by Nino Sable, the singer of gothic-rock band Aeon Sable. The last two tracks of the album are remixes: Komet, remixed by Mortal Void and Boring Space Shuttle Music, remixed by Gasher, the 14th of Greenskull, a member of the band Clash Clash Bang Bang.

All of the songs have what I would call a soul. That is, songs that make you feel something, that transmit something. All songs have melodies that will make you wish that they would last forever.

The music is a mixture between very fine Synthpop, New Wave and Minimal Synth. With a clear influence from legends such as Kraftwerk, Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre.

Fans of Mind.In.A.Box, Welle:Erdbal, MergeEquinoxious, very early Clan Of Xymox and artists of the like will fall in love with Dos Asmund's latest release, which can be listened to on all digital stores and streaming platforms.

Dos Asmund - Baikonur Android

1.- Directed By John

2.- Komet

3.- Boring Space Shuttle Music

4.- TV Commercial For Retro Keys

5.- Omega (feat. Nino Sable)

6.- Baikonur Android

7.- Komet (Mortal Void Remix)

8.- Boring Space Shuttle Music (Gasher's Remix)

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