Doug Cash: You Wept For Yourself

Doug Cash

January 17th, 2022

Doug Cash is a singer, songwriter, musician and producer heavily influenced Sly & The Family Stone, since it was the very first concert he attended back in 1969!

He has been making music for a very long time; "I was groovin' with the muse before I could walk", and has released a variety of albums and singles throughout the years. 

Back in 2016 he launched the single You Wept For Yourself, and he started 2022 by releasing the accompanying music video for that song, which could be only described as melancholic, calm and solemn. A song to be listened to in peace. At home. Perhaps even in the dark or with your eyes closed, in order to let yourself connect with the melodies.

Voice and an acoustic guitar. Nothing else is needed to capture one's attention when the performer is a true artist.

"What I know now, could have served me then. The tears drip from my pen. You wept for yourself."

Watch the video or listen to Doug Cash's song on Spotify and co. You will not regret it.

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