Ekaterina Shelehova: Conjuring Storms

Ekaterina Shelehova

March 11th, 2022

One year ago, Ekaterina Shelehova's performance in Italia's Got Talent took the world by storm. It was shared on Facebook by TV8, and the original video has been watched 22 million times. Countless reposts have appeared everywhere since then, propelling Ekaterina's solo career in an unexpected way.

Today, as a sequel to her worldwide hit Earth Melodies, Ekaterina releases Conjuring Storms. A track that is destined to become an instant fan favorite.

The beginning is slow and quiet, the clouds in the sky turn grey -a prelude of what is to come-, the first drops touch the soil. Drizzle becomes rain. Landscape floods and rain becomes hail. Mother Nature unleashes her fury. Only thunders can be heard. Lightnings take over and hit the ground. It is a battle between land and sky. The chants of war announce that soon it will all be over. The aftermath is evident. The sun rises and, with it, the birds and their singings. Peace reigns again.

Conjuring Storms is a short but truly spectacular and overwhelming musical work. It is masterfully executed by Ekaterina. Her voice guides us through the storm. It is as if she knew what was coming. As if she controlled the storm. Or perhaps... She IS the storm.

Conjuring Storms is available on all major digital stores and streaming platforms. Follow the official This is Ekaterina playlist on Spotify.

Ekaterina Shelehova - Conjuring Storms | Fangtasia Music

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