ET Boys: Sober

ET Boys - Sober

July 5th, 2021

Wake Up! Music announces the arrival of the ET Boys (named Tacboy and Sharkeyes), and Sober is their first release. Born in Chicago but hailing from Florida, Tacboy takes lead as the vocalist and lyricist, while Sharkeyes writes and composes the tunes. What the brothers create as a duo is their own unique sound which has been described with various genre influences including melodic rap but is best described as the ET Boys Nu Pop sound.

"From their music to the videos, the ET Boys are clearly making their own art and set to make their special mark on the world, “states Pepper Gomez. Tacboy, a signed IMG model, is already being compared to Jim Morrison in looks, vocal fluidity and lyrical production. In this analogy, Sharkeyes is the Ray Manzarek of the team with his formal studies in piano and drums from which he pulls to create and elevate his tracks, not to mention with over 100 tracks in the vaults for future releases.

The video begins with an incredible aerial shot of Miami, and then shifts to Tacboy waking from a night of indulgence, followed by images showing his hedonistic pursuits as he searches for relief.

Check it out! You will feel the need to dance along!

ET Boys - Sober

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