Flame Of Life: Red Sunset

Flame Of Life

April 22nd, 2020

Pioneers of Lazer music genre, a style "similar to industrial and nu-metal in some way but quite different too", the Bielorusian band Flame Of Life have released their latest album Red Sunset

Founded by The Bottle as guitarrist and Fazer as vocalist in 2015, and now consisting of five band members, the band have been experimenting and developing their own and unique sound.

The first EP was an usual alternative disc. It had some experiments but the band thought they could do better. After they released new albums in 2016 and 2017, and after taking a break for one year, they reunited and started working on new songs in 2019 and this is how Red Sunset came to life.

Red Sunset can be listened to on their MySpace profile as well as on Soundcloud.

Flame Of Life - Red Sunset

1.- Say Goodbye

2.- Last Fight

3.- Die For Enjoy

4.- Without Soul

5.- Crosses

6.- Smile No More

7.- Killer

8.- Bury My Heart

9.- Swim To Ground

10.- My Last Day

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