Kurt Rosenwinkel's Bandit 65: Searching The Continuum

Kurt Rosenwinkel's Bandit 65

October 11th, 2019

Since its inception in 2014, Bandit65 has toured the USA, Europe and Japan; the trio’s latest record i​s an amalgam of musical highlights culled from these three years of intense live performance. The album showcases the trio at its most enlightened, sophisticated and adventurous, with each master-player using the full spectrum of his sonic palette to effortlessly blend into a seamless stream of musical consciousness.

Embracing each concert as a unique moment unto itself, Rosenwinkel, Janusonis and Motzer opt to forego premeditated performance practice. For Bandit65, every show starts as a blank slate from which compositions arise and develop with free and spontaneous flow. The seven tracks on ​Searching the Continuum are journeys that unfold and spiral to otherworldly heights, evoking deep emotional resonances and abstract-yet-palpable moods. Rosenwinkel, Janusonis, and Motzer exhibit a rare and uncanny interconnectedness as Bandit 65. In releasing Searching the Continuum t​hese maestros have given the world an album of ethereal beauty, sonic vistas that are truly a wonder to behold.

Searching the Continuum is released on Kurt Rosenwinkel's own label Heartcore Records and is now available on all digital music platforms.

Kurt Rosenwinkel's Bandit 65 - Searching The Continuum

1.- Inori (Stockholm)

2.- Sagrada (Madrid)

3.- Bloomer (Philadelphia)

4.- Interstellar Suite (Vienna)

5.- At the Gates (Berlin)

6.- In Time (Los Angeles)

7.- Magical (Philadelphia)

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