Kurt Ronsenwinkel & Scott Kinsey release "Do It 1992"

Kurt Rosenwinkel

May 3rd, 2019

In the summer of 1992, young jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel caused quite a stir among his East Coast friends and family when he mysteriously disappeared, only to reappear about one month later. Kurt had made the hike from New York to Los Angeles where he was hard at work on a new record with virtuoso keyboardist Scott Kinsey.

During this time, Rosenwinkel and Kinsey recorded a co-led abum “Do It”- a complex and tasteful mix of funk, modern jazz harmonies, and sonic exploration. Though this record was vast in its scope and innovative energy, it never saw the light of day, until now. Heartcore Records release, 27 years after its completion, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Scott Kinsey’s “Do it 1992”!

This album, “Do It” is a time capsule, a journey into two young and bright creative minds working as one entity. Rosenwinkel and Kinsey support each other in an easy and constant flow of ideas on these four never-before-heard tracks.

Kurt Rosenwinkel & Scott Kinsey - Do It 1992

1.- Do It

2.- There's That Is

3.- Quietly He Steps Into Insanity

4.- Writer Blocks

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