Merge Are No Longer Lost In Eternity


October 25th, 2019

The classic German synthpop band Merge are back. Founded in the late 90´s by Andi Friebe und Thomas Kabisch, they soon signed a contract with the then famous german label Bloodline. The home of bands like In Strict Confidence, Melotron, Funker Vogt and many more. In America Merge signed a deal with the now-defunct synthpop label A Different Drum.

Originally produced by Olaf Wollschläger, and now under the label Gate1Records, Merge's 2019 remastered version of Lost In Eternity, which was well received by Djs and audiences all over the world back when it first came out, is available on all digital platforms for the first time ever.

Expect some more exciting news from them!

Merge - Lost In Eternity (Remastered 2019)

1.- Lost in Eternity (Radio Edit)

2.- Lost in Eternity (Fictional Remix)

3.- Kill Me (The Secret)

4.- Lost in Eternity (Extended Version)




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