Mitch: Cuba Libre


November 12th, 2021

Mitch is a pianist, music producer and composer with a focus on creating emotional, and melodically immersive music.

He has always been drawn to music and has enjoyed experimenting and honing his sound and approach. Initially, he was quite fond of classical music, but later expanded his creative horizons to incorporate a wider range of influences, ranging from jazz to funk, hip-hop, and even experimental music.

Interestingly, he took up production as a way to show his friends how easy it could be to make a hip-hop beat, but in the end, he also managed to make it all so much more interesting by spicing things up with his remarkable jazz background.

Mitch's debut album Cuba Libre features six original songs; produced, composed and arranged by the artist himself. This record feels like a really dynamic and intriguing exploration of various jazz-infused influences and timeless ideas.

All songs are original compositions, and include incredible solos by a variety of talented musicians, spanning from the USA to South Africa, and Russia.

Cuba Libre has been a work-in progress ever since Mitch was a student, and now it is available online.

Fans of Tom Misch, FKJ and Masego may particularly enjoy this release. Give it a try!

Mitch - Cuba Libre | Fangtasia Music

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