Natalievna21: Twin Flames


January 1st, 2021

Natalievna21 (also known as DJ Sara), presents her latest video Twin Flames. A dark, mysterious and visually captivating work that well reflects the mood and style of the song.

Dj Sara is an international DJ/Producer specialized in styles such as hard dance, dubstep, hard trance and jungle terror. She started her career in 2017 and just two years later she found success in China, where she achieved #1 "International Djane". Her career has not gone unnoticed in Europe and was ranked #85 Top Djane by in 2019.

As Natalievna21, she wanted to explore another side of her and express her deepest feelings through music. The latest song Twin Flames reflects this. It is a sad and mysterious-sounding track featuring prominent female vocals.

Fans of darker indie-pop, ethereal/heavenly voices styles and of artists such as Faith & the Muse and Cindergarden will find this song (and video) appealing.

Her music is available on all major digital stores and streaming platforms. Check it out!

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