Red Industrie: SCI-FI:X

Red Industrie

September 13th, 2019

Red Industrie present their latest production SCI-FI:X, a collection of re-recorded tracks from 2009 and even 1999 and some very interesting remixes by artists such as Ash Code, Neztic and Hyboid. It also features female singer Nikky Schiller on the song "Libertad 2".

Red Industrie abandone their classic "future clash body music" style, for a more cold wave, post punk one, experimenting with drums and guitars.

SCI-FI:X is available on all major digital stores and streaming platforms starting today, September 13th, 2019. A very limited physical version on clear vinyl is scheduled for later this year.

Red Industrie was created by Helder Camberos in 2008. started as a side project from Isis Signum, however; it has now become his main project.

Red Industrie - SCI-FI:X

1.- Ciencia Espacial

2.- Disappointment 2019

3.- I Am Driving

4.- Libertad 2 (feat. Nikky Schiller)

5.- Shadow Part. 2 (Hyboid Remix)

6.- Artificial (Neztic Remix)

7.- Körper Reich 2019 (Ashcode Remix)

8.- Your Machine (B Side Version)

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