Somegirl brings us "Never Be"

Red Industrie

January 31st, 2020

Somegirl's latest EP Never Be is out now!

Never Be 2020 is a reworked re-recorded version of the track which originally appeared on Somegirl's second album She’s Full of Secrets, back in 2005 and under the label A Different Drum.

In addition to the 2020 version (vocals by Marie Romero), the EP features remixes by Andreas Friebe from Merge and Sven Hollosi from Autumn Angels, a cover of the Yazoo classic Ode to Boy (vocals by Bianca Stücker) and a 2001 demo (vocals by Kristin Buckman).

Somegirl - Never Be

1.- Never Be (2020)

2.- Never Be (Club Mix)

3.- Ode To Boy (Yazoo Cover)

4.- Never Be (Merge Mix)

5.- Never Be (Virgio Supercluster Mix)

6.- Always the Same

7.- Never Be (2001 Demo)

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