Wurmy Wormfield: A Mountain Upside Down

Wurmy Wormfield - A Mountain Upside Down: Hear the Earth Music

January 22nd, 2021

Here on A mountain Upside Down with wurmy wormfield & friends Folio 3 make further offerings in the key of community garden; expanding the Hear The Earth Music story with 4 new tracks dedicated to earth-based consciousness and nature education for children of all ages.

(Quoting his idol, Greta Thunder-Bug), Wurmy reminds “no one is too small to make a difference”.

A Mountain Upside Down playfully rings forth from the (errr, Upside Down) mountain top with two classic, nature-based songs. Each of us is a Flower, a classroom favorite written by Charlotte Diamond was taught to Wurmy by kindergarteners in the community garden. This “Flower” is brought to fabulous (and ridiculous) heights by producer Matthew Lawrence Lawton’s calypso inspired, syncopated rhythms and percussion. In addition to Wurmy’s crooning, “Flower” features crystalline vocals by Hale May. The second interpretation is of the traditional I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground famously recorded by Bascom Lamar Lunsford in 1928 for Brunswick Records in Ashland, Kentucky. Wurmy was introduced to this song by banjo player and musicologist, Eli Smith, who runs the Brooklyn Folk Music Festival and is the creator of Down Home Radio Show. Here, Wurmy veers from the nihilism of the original, retooling - within the “I wish I was” structure - to champion radical empathy for all people, places, plants, and all things. Fans of The Mole in the Ground will enjoy never before recorded lyrics & also remember the line that inspires the title of this folio. Hopefully Eli and Bascom will forgive us.

Wurmy Wormfield - A Mountain Upside Down: Hear the Earth Music

The Hear The Earth Music album forthcoming this spring is a paean to the community garden planet & the songs on this third EP sprout playful and fun in service of ecological awareness and planetary community. It is Wurmy’s sincere hope that through garden-based education and reintroducing children (of all ages) to nature that we will all, one day, live in peace with one another; and with the entirety of the natural world.

Wurmy urges us to help save the planet (& champion whirled peas) by adding these offerings to our playlists, sharing with our friends who are raising or working with kids (and across all social medias.) Wurmy tells us that there are 2 more EPs on the way, so look for Dawn of the Bicycle Day, Hear the earth music Folio 4 in February.


A Mountain Upside Down tracklist:

1.- We Humans Are 18 Percent Plant (DNA)

2.- Each of Us Is a Flower

3.- Listen to Those Forests

4.- I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground (a Mountain Upside Down)


The graphic art for this project, and the Wurmy Icon brought to you by Silver Lake comic creator & graphic designer, Jordan Crane. Don't miss Jordan's booklets of Lyrics and illustrations (now only available on iTunes).

This Musical Garden is bursting with Songs that inspire!


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Some Links:

Spotify playlist of entire album released to date.

Spotify editorial Playlist In The Garden to which Wurmy’s Little Seed and Garden Song were added in April 2021.

Wurmy Wormfield - Hear The Earth Music
Wurmy Wormfield - Plant One More For Sharing

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