Wurmy Wormfield: Bicycle Day

Wurmy Wormfield - Bicycle Day

February 22nd, 2021

Wurmy Wormfield’s Bicycle Day celebrates the bicycle, pure and simple.

Bicycle Day is an homage to bicycling and to children all over the world who love riding their bikes. The track is a love-song to the legendary bike rides of Albert Hoffman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Albert Einstein, Susan B Anthony and many many more... 

In Bicycle Day, the bicycle is uplifted as a material symbol and literal manifestation of human liberation, laughter and freedom.

Wurmy’s life long dedication to the bicycle is real. He biked throughout his childhood, and early adulthood; migrating to Los Angeles on a bike, co-creating the Los Angeles Critical Mass in the late 1990’s and a few years later was part of the team that inspired the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition. Currently Wurmy bikes regularly to school with his own children.

Wurmy Wormfield - Bicycle Day

Wurmy Wormfield (the artist formerly known as Charles Herman-Wurmfeld) co-created the school and community garden at Micheltorena Elementary School (across the street from his home in Los Angeles); literally overturning the parking lot at the corner that was once home to 19 automobile parking spaces. The community garden now houses countless fruit trees, multiple community garden beds, community chickens, community bunnies, a community oven and — of course — a bike rack.

Where would we be without roads? On the community garden planet, of course!

Check the following links to learn more about Bicycle Day, World Bicycle Day and other sources related to Bicycle Advocacy.

The song Bicycle Day is the 13th track on Wurmy Wurmfields UPCOMING DEBUT ALBUM “Hear The Earth Music”: a paean for the once and future community garden planet, Greta Thunder-Bug and kids of all ages.

Listen to the whole album (so far released) on this growing Spotify playlist.

Click the images to find links to the first 3 EPs in this collection (across all platforms):

Wurmy Wormfield - Hear The Earth Music
Wurmy Wormfield - Plant One More For Sharing
Wurmy Wormfield - A Mountain Upside Down: Hear the Earth Music

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