Wurmy Wormfield: Plant One More for Sharing

Wurmy Wormfield - Plant One More For Sharing

December 22nd, 2020

Plant One More for Sharing with wurmy wormfield & friends is a rollicking followup to last month's stellar offering Hear The Earth Music: Songs from the Community Garden Planet, Folio 1.

These EPs from Wurmy Wormfield “for children of all ages” begin and then continue the story of the creation of a community garden; and are inspired by Wurmy’s muse Greta ‘Thunder-bug’ whom we learn has crossed the Atlantic on the winds of love (without the help of an airplane) hanging from a spiders thread to defend the imperiled planet.

A paean to the community garden, and a prayer for the restoration of the earth herself (the original community garden), these songs bring the fun alive in service of ecological awareness and human community.

Wurmy’s sincere hope is we will one day live in peace with one another; and with the entirety of the natural world.

Wurmy Wormfield - Plant One More For Sharing

Wurmy offers two interpretations on this latest folio; the first is “Little Seed” a Woodie Guthrie original here utilized to tell of the radical sharing & caring that will happen in this new community garden where all are inspired to “set aside ownership plant one more pumpkin seed for sharing and sharing alike”. The second interpretation is of a traditional - “Everything is my family” This offering begins in Spanish language “todo es mi familia” as the song was taught to wurmy by his dying friend the Argentine Caterpillar (as she cocooned herself). This song commits those that sing it to peace with all things and is brought forward, according to wurmy, with a prayer for the restoration and primacy of indigenous peoples across the planet. Any monies made with this track will be sent directly for rainforest peoples & rainforest habitat protection.

Plant one more for sharing with Wurmy Wormfield & friends!

Wurmy urges us to help rebirth the garden planet by adding these offerings to our playlists, posting EP links to our social medias, and sharing with our friends who are raising or working with kids.

Wurmy tells us that there are five EPs that will reveal the "Hear The Music" album, and to look for more offerings in mid January and the weeks that follow.

Plant One More for Sharing tracklist:

1.- Sharing and Sharing Alike

2.- Little Seed

3.- I Remember Now!

4.- Everything Is My Family (Caminaré En Belleza)


Pro Tip: Both Eps come each with a beautiful booklet that can only be acquired when purchased on iTunes. Get an extra and support us!


Share Folio 1 and Folio 2 with your friends! Kids will love them!


Some Links:

Spotify playlist of entire album released to date.

Spotify editorial Playlist In The Garden to which Wurmy’s Little Seed and Garden Song were added in April 2021.

Wurmy Wormfield - Hear The Earth Music
Wurmy Wormfield - Plant One More For Sharing

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