ZPEXTRE: Hypnotized

Zpextre - Hypnotized

July 14th, 2021

Californian artist ZPEXTRE has broken the zeitgeist with his latest single Hypnotized. By experimenting with psychotropic tones and laying down entrancing tribalist rhythms, it unravels as an accessibly rapturous feat of Alt Rock.


“Every year, I go on a camping trip with about 70 of my closest friends. The 4-day trip is full of kindness, sharing, creativity and understanding. We forget about our phones, remove ourselves from civilization and create a community of our own. I think to myself how perfect this life is and how all our troubles have disappeared. Could it be that I am Hypnotized?”

With a touch of Post-Punk and a dash of Psych-Pop, the alternative single, which was recorded, produced and mixed by Koool Kojak in Hollywood, brings essential euphoria to the airwaves.

Hypnotized hits the spot in the same vein as artists such as Fidlar by serving asmorgasbord of amiable charisma through the solo artist’s slightly nihilistic good vibes.

There’s a nuanced reminder that the world is no utopia, but ultimately, with its infectious energy, Hypnotized affirms that there’s always escape and salvation, if you look for it. It is a fun song and ZPEXTRE has also released an accompanying video.

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist ZPEXTRE’s sound consistently delivers complexity and originality. Instead of approaching his music with an assimilative mindset, he orchestrates eccentrically affable tempos and melodies which will get synapses firing as they share aurally instilled dopamine.

Hypnotized is their fourth release after making his debut with the single ‘Souvenir’ back in 2018. There is plenty more music to come.

Give it a try! Go watch the video! It will put you in a good mood.

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