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If you do not have a VEVO channel, yet, we must first create one for you.

VEVO channels are for artists only (not labels) and must include the artist name followed by the word VEVO. For example: IndypopVEVO.

The channel name must not exceed 20 characters in total.

Channels can only be requested on Mondays and can take up to 10 days to be created. For this reason it is important to plan your release ahead of time.

Once we have received confirmation from VEVO that your new VEVO channel has been created, we can start uploading your video(s) on the platform. You can choose a specific release date.

After you have ordered, wait for our email with instructions on how to transfer your video and artwork files.

Timing It may take up to ten days for the VEVO channel to be created. After that, videos can be released within 48 hours.
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