Cait Devin: A Rising Star

Cait Devin

March 31st, 2020

With great joy we announce our latest featured artist: Cait Devin. We had the opportunity to interview her and we have published it right here.

Vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. One to dabble in many styles, Cait has written hundreds of songs- many inspired by 80's / 90's artists such as Incubus, Alice Cooper, Metallica, and The Cranberries. However, Cait's sound is also heavily influenced by modern contemporary/ pop/ alt artists including Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, giving her music that relatable and soulful punch.

Cait Devin's career started very early and has accumualted some notable highlights, such as performing alongside Stephen Perkins of rock band Jane's Addiction, working with Youtuber Jared Dines, hosting her own music festivals, and performing / modeling for CNY Fashion week.

On March 25th, 2020 Cait released her first full-length album simply titled Unplugged. An album consisting of ten powerful-yet-intimate songs, with Cait's characteristic melancholic voice and distinctive sound. A record different than anything she has put out before as far as studio recordings go and a highly personal feel to it.

Cait is known as a pop rocker as her first 2 EPs were with a full band. However, she started as an indie acoustic singer/songwriter. For Unplugged, she decided to dig deeper into herself and release an album as real, as authentic and as raw as possible. An album that displayed who she is as a writer and as an artist.

Cait Devin - Unplugged

1.- To New York

2.- The Latter 

3.- Falling Down

4.- Cold Blooded 

5.- When I Call You Mine 

6.- Deer in the Headlights 

7.- Gold 

8.- She Got a Call

9.- Sin

10.- From the Ground Up 

How did your music career begin?

Cait: I've been singing all my life, taking vocal lessons and participating in talent shows / recitals since I was 10. BUT, when I picked up an acoustic guitar at 14, everything clicked and I started booking my own shows from then on out. 


You are very young. Has your age affected, in any way, your music career or how people treat you?

Cait: One thing I can say is that I've always had my own voice, regardless of being young. I've always had a vision. Some people love a young girl with a voice, others hate it. I feel that this goes for a lot of young females in music, or any industry really. When a young female knows what she wants and works to get it, sometimes, for whatever reason, some people get irritated. Despite of this I've always been respectful of others in the process, which I think is super important. I am glad I started young because I've grown so much since I first started and it's really given me time to choose my path. 

What is your goal as a singer/songwriter as of now?

Cait: I just want to keep growing as a writer. My songs are what my mind sounds like, so how I portray my mind is extremely important to me. 

If you could choose to share the stage with one artist this year, who would it be?

Cait: It's so incredibly hard to pick because I'm a massive fan of so many artists in so many different genres, but I'm going to have to go with Lzzy Hale. She's a powerhouse. 

I have the impression that you are very active when it comes to you as a musician and as a model. How do you manage all of it?

Cait: When choosing projects, I like to make sure that it makes sense and that it has a purpose. I manage myself at the moment, so my schedule is all up to me - which can be a good and bad thing, because it often gets packed! lol


Are you doing everything on your own?

Cait: I am currently an independent artist. Although, if a cool record label is reading this right now, wanna adopt me?

Cait Devin

What is your opinion about record labels? Do you think they are still relevant?

Cait: It really depends on the artist and their situation, and what they are going for. If you're happy as an indie artist, that's GREAT. It makes sense to stay indie for a lot of musicians. However, labels can also be a massive push and can really help out for obvious reasons. I would honestly love to be signed one day, and am working towards a label adopting this awkward noodle right here.


Our music tastes change all the time, but, at the moment, What are your top three songs?

Cait: My taste in music is all over the place, so.

1.- Lonely Girl - Tonight Alive

2.- Angel Vivaldi - Five (This is a guitar instrumental, I LOVE it)

3.- Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better (or any song by him, the groove is unreal)


So far, what is your best memory/accomplishment as a musician?

Cait: Again, super hard to choose. Touring around Nashville the two times I did it was incredible and memories I will always cherish. Opening for September Mourning was awesome as well.

Cait Devin

What is the funniest thing that you have experienced while touring/playing live?

Cait: A lady offered me a mangled looking cat mid song. Came right up to me and held it up to my face. Yes, a random cat she found outside the venue.​​​​​​​


Out of the hundreds of songs you have written, is there one that stands out the most? If so, why?

Cait: The Latter has got to be my favorite right now. I can't place why. It just flowed so effortlessly when writing it, and though many of my songs "flow" in the writing process, this one just hit different.


Do you have plans to release music videos for your unplugged album?

Cait: Perhaps :)

What's next?

Cait: Lots of new content, and some shows in New York City sometime in the near future. Very stoked!


Tell us a secret

Cait: Mango is my favorite dum dum lolipop.

Cait Devin

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