Francie: Mesmerizing Atmospheres


Francie is Francesca Raffagnino; an up and coming independent singer-songwriter from Italy.

Her music could be described as a mixture of indie, alternative pop and acoustic sounds; mesmerizing atmospheres in slow-tempo tracks.. Dream-Pop meets Indie-Pop. Lana Del Rey meets Bats For Lashes.

Her first EP "The Waste Land" was released in July 2017, and it is a gem.

Francie - The Waste Land

As I listen to the songs, I realize they sound familiar to me. They have a warm feeling. It is as if I have been listening to them my entire life. They make me sad, yet comfortable. They haunt me - absorb me, but they also make me happy.

The lyrics talk about a variety of topics, ranging from  love and heartbreak to bullying and the degradation of the environment.

My favorite track is "Falene". So far, the only song with lyrics in Italian. There is something about listening to artists sing in their original languages that captures me. It is, perhaps, the fact that I do not understand what they are saying and It forces me to focus on the melodies. Voice becomes another instrument. It allows me to escape from trying to sing along, and, instead, I simply enjoy the musical ride.

With the release of her subsequent single "Your Way", in 2018, she abandons the noir mood and scenographies that characterized "The Waste Land", and portrays the golden and bright tones of myths and dreams.

Music-wise, "Your Way" is also different from the previous songs. It has a "50's Americana" vibe. 

"Losers Gonna Be Winners" is a song about not letting failures discourage and define who you are.

The song is a mixture of different styles, with a clear influence by Björk. Francie's vocals are what make this song really stand out. 

"Losers Gonna Be Winners" was released on January 25th, and you can purchase it or stream it on all digital stores and streaming platforms.

On july 12th, 2019 Francie released her song "Aiora". A sad track, sung in Italian, that describes the struggles of one's dreams being at war with the world.

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