Kelseidoscope: Reflecting Her Light


February 11th, 2022

After almost two years of no new spotlight articles, we are back! This time we would like to introduce you to the music and art of Kelseidoscope.

Kelseidoscope is a Canadian singer-songwriter. A Folk-Pop Fairy whose mission is to create music with a lens to heal & empower. For her unique approach to music she credits the different and enriching life experiences she has acquired by living in different parts of the world: teaching English in Korea? check. Volunteering at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand? check. Working as a TV presenter in China? check. Kelsey also has a Bachelor of Arts in Community Development which deeply influenced her outlook on life and the themes of her songs. 

When we first listened to her music we instantly felt a connection. Her songs are heart-warming and fun, but also deep in meaning. Not everything in Kelsey's life has been easy. There have been events that have turned her life upside down. But it is exactly this what has shaped her into the person and artist she is now.


"The idea behind a kaleidoscope is that it is a structure that is filled with broken bits and pieces, and somehow if you can look through them, you still see something beautiful. And I feel like we are all that way a little bit". - Sara Bareilles

Nothing could describe Kelseidoscope better than that. Kelsey has an innate ability to process and transform her life experiences, good or bad, into something beautiful that touches one's heart.


What is behind the name Kelseidoscope?

Kelsey: Kelseidoscope is not only a play-on-words via my name (Kelsey Eide) but is an indication of my process as an artist: repeated reflection. I strive to dig deep into life’s beauty and trials by reflecting hope, beauty, emotional processing, or healing. In addition, kaleidoscopes are colorful and groovy which is a big part of my taste and personality!


Your music videos are very visual and overloaded with cuteness... why?

Kelsey: Ha! Thank you. I suppose my love of cute things has seeped into my artistry. I also worked as a TV Presenter for a children’s educational show in China which has normalized silly & adorable. Aside from that I love to create wholesome songs and videos as I really appreciate content like that.


Please tell us about your song Wouldya Bee!

Kelsey: The hook of, Wouldya Bee? first came to me when I was on a date at a bee sanctuary. I didn’t finish writing the song until years later which gave me time to reflect on what I wanted to say in a love song beyond a catchy hook. I used to think falling in love meant losing your independence and limiting the amount of service you could provide to the world, but overtime I realised a healthy loving relationship should support two people to be their best selves. Or, as the lyrics say, make the world a sweeter place. Just like bees work together for the greater good, so can healthy loving relationships. The lyrics really demonstrate the evolution of my views on romantic love.

You recently released the single and video Heaven's the place where you belong. Could you tell us what inspired you to write such a heart-warming song?

Kelsey: I wrote, Heavens the Place Where you Belong to honor the loss of my older sister, Kylah. One year after losing her I wrote a song called, The Way That I Do which spoke more to the heartbreak and grief involved with loss. This time I wanted to shine light on the perspective of gratitude for having her in my life as long did, and the peace that comes from knowing that she’s in a better place.

Kelseidoscope - The Way That I Do

Kylah was truly larger than life and deserves to be in a Heavenly realm. Losing her was a pivotal moment in my journey as an artist, as it made me realize life is not guaranteed so why waste a second not following my dreams. She believed in me whole heartedly, so I want to make her proud by following my dreams and continuing to write songs to honor her.

What is your experience in the music industry so far?

Kelsey: I have always felt intimidated by the music industry and there are challenges more prevalent than in some other industries. There isn’t a roadmap like some other paths, so, sometimes it feels like I am running in circles trying to figure out my next best move. I have also learned that there will be a lot of people who don’t have my best interest at heart, so to be discerning with whom I work. However, most of the challenges have been great for personal development and made me a stronger person. Although I still sometimes feel intimidated, I have connected with incredible people in all parts of the music industry and the magic of resonating on a deep shared love of creating music is truly spectacular. There is nothing else like it.


You travelled to Las Vegas las month. What did you do there? Do you have any fun or interesting stories?

Kelsey: It was incredible! I attended an event called, Music Hustler Live and was able to learn from experts at the top of the music industry and meet other talented artists from all over the world. The energy of the event was like nothing I have experienced before. I cried numerous times out of appreciation and deeply knowing that music is my calling.

Unfortunately, coming back to Canada was less spectacular. My flight arrived during a snowstorm and the bus I was taking home ended up getting stuck in the snow (along with nearly every other vehicle on the road). After two hours I trekked through the snow to the nearest grocery store where I had to wait for many hours for the roads to be cleared so I could get an Uber home. I took an overnight flight, so I had barely slept. Good times! (Watch IG clip!)

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Kelsey: Wow, I have been very blessed in many ways and am not sure I can choose one thing, but I will go with every time I receive music from what seems like a higher realm. When this happens, I usually hear a chunk of a song and it sounds so beautiful and clear to me. Often it happens when I am doing something non-music related and happens most when I am in nature. It feels like such an honor to be the channel of music which is why I take the responsibility very seriously.


What is next for Kelseidoscope?

Kelsey: I am releasing a cover of Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer for Valentine's Day! (Out now!) My sister Kylah introduced me to this song so it's very special to me.

My next big project will be an original called Let Everyone Shine! This is a song I want people to be able to rely on when they need a boost of good energy. I have a lot of different plans associated with this release, so you will have to stay tuned to see how it unravels!


Kelsey is a fun and talented musician. She is the kind of person one would like to have around and be friends with. Her music is transparent and, just like a Kaleidoscope, it is always changing. Sometimes it is happy, sometimes it is sad, but it will always make you feel something.

And here at Fangtasia Music we are proud to be able to collaborate with her.

We love Kelseidoscope!

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